Encouraging Stories



The trails and tribulations which terminally ill patients and their families face during their illness are trying times. The deep sorrow which we face after the loss of a loved one, especially on special days of the year, or even certain days which that person shared with the family, like Sunday lunch, a walk on the beach and just being that phone call away. We have so many regrets and wish we could just have a moment with that person to say we love them.

You are not alone in your sadness.

We invite patients to tell their stories which we can publish on this page to help and encourage others to face their adversities and sorrows.
It could be a miracle which happened to you, a spiritual encounter, or on a lighter note, some humour, a funny event or a fun time which brought relief and light in the dark times of stress or bereavement.

If you or your family benefited through our services and we could make a difference in difficult times, please tell us and others about it, to encourage them.

Please contact Joy Moodley on +27(0)39 682-3031 or e-mail: media@schospice.co.za for further details


Send your story to: Joy Moodley, P.O. Box 504, PORT SHEPSTONE, 4240, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Please include your name, surname and contact details.


Fallen Friends hand over of appreciation certificate.