Kingfisher House Inpatient Unit


Your doctor or home care team may admit you for help with :
  • Symptom Control

  • You may need care at the end of your life

On arrival, you will be welcomed by one of our nursing team. A doctor or nurse will talk to you about the difficulties you are experiencing.


The length of your stay will depend on the help that you need. The Kingfisher Inpatient Unit at South Coast Hospice is not a long stay unit (5/7 days). Planning for discharge will be discussed with you and your family.


What is Kingfisher Inpatient Unit like?


Kingfisher House is situated at 29 Connor Street, Port Shepstone. There are 4 adult inpatient beds and the Rainbow Room for paediatric care. Bathing and shower rooms are spacious. Facilities are designed with easy access for wheelchairs. Our Haven of Peace provides a peaceful sanctuary that can be accessed by all patients and their families. Our Day Care lounge is also available to patients and their families on designated days of the week. Tea and coffee can be made and an honesty box is provided. A quiet room is situated in the Inpatient Unit.


3 basic meals are provided. Family members can bring in any special dietary needs that are required by patients which can be handed to the nurse on duty.


We are flexible to visits by family and friends which meet the needs of our patients.


Who is available at Kingfisher House to help?


Our dedicated Inpatient team includes : nurses, our medical officer, social workers, a psychosocial counsellor and caregivers. A large team of volunteers provide assistance to relatives and staff.


We believe in being open and honest with patients and their families and try to answer any questions they may have.


Admission Fees and Medical Aid


Medical Aid (Funds) :

  • Most medical aid funds cover all clinical costs and accommodation in a Hospice Inpatient unit.

  • Patients are required to obtain an authorisation or reference number from their medical aid before they can be admitted to Kingfisher House.

  • Hospice charges medical aid rates.

Fees (Subject to change)


If no medical aid is available, a standard minimum fee will be charged. 



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