Hospice Programmes


Our clinical team has come together to put in place a workable and sustainable model for our hospice which continues to put the patient first in our service delivery of Quality Palliative Care.

South Coast Hospice always shines. Dr Gerald Baldry, our Medical Officer guides our interdisciplinary team. This team of doctors, nurses, caregivers, psychosocial counsellers and social workers co-ordinate patient care and family support. Dr Hilton Horsley, our Medical Director, is always on hand to add value with his vast experience.

All other medical and support services:
  • Department of Health

  • Murchison Hospital

  • Port Shepstone Hospital

  • The Primary Health Care Clinics

  • Hibiscus Hospital

  • Margate Netcare Hospital

  • All other medical support services

Our current Palliative Care Support Centre model includes : 

  • Inpatient Unit (Kingfisher House)

  • The Rainbow Room which enables our palliative care team to offer child friendly service

  • Day Clinic Facility for patients on our program to consult with our medical clinic

  • Hospice at Home Services

  • Social Work and Counselling Services

  • Psychosocial and Bereavement Counselling and Support

  • Mobile Clinic and Partnership Outreaches

  • MDR TB Support

  • Centralised Chronic Medicines Dispensing and Distribution

  • Adherence Support